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The Other Guy - Cary Attwell 3.5 stars

**Sopilers, maybe?**

This was a fun, although sometimes frustrating, read. Emory's a hilarious and self-deprecating main character-- Mr.-play-it-safe, who decided it was time for a change after his fiancée left him at the altar. He took a solo trip to Thailand, which was intended to be a honeymoon, and coined himself 'New Emory'. At the start of his trip, Emory met Nate, another solo vacationer, and put his new, care-free persona to use exploring Thailand (and a deeply buried attraction to menfolk) with his new acquaintance.

After returning to his regularly scheduled life, Emory was reunited with Nate (in a highly improbable fashion), and the two danced around each other in friendship, not letting it go further, even though they already slept together in Thailand!!!. I don't mind a slow burn, but this seemed very odd and unreasonable.

Emory infuriated me at times, and I wanted him to just f*cking grow a pair! Even taking into account that he was dealing with a lot, his lack of action continued past the point I was willing to let it slide.

All that said, I did enjoy the story. I loved the tidbits of the guys exploring Thailand and Chicago. Emory and Nate are a fun pair, and I'm glad that they finally reached their happy together.